With suitable tools and a good measuring arrangement, high differential accuracies can be achieved in rail and track surveying. For this purpose we offer the “track angle SW PRO” and “prism holder for stud marking”. In use with our slender prisms of the series HIP, they can be mounted close to the catenary masts.

track angle SW Pro

angle for precise measurements of rail/track position

  • accurate installation at reference point
  • plumb use also possible on tracks with an angle
  • work comfortably while standing up
  • suitable for all track widths (6-8 cm) by adjustable stop
  • to use with Leica connection or 5/8″ thread
  • special designs for other kinds of rails are possible on request

Prism Holder for Stud Marking

prism holder for horizontal bolts

  • for measuring horizontally mounted Ø12 mm bolts (e.g. overhead masts)
  • easy to set plumb accuratley above reference point
  • option of circular level (see through from below)
  • to use with Leica connection or 5/8″ thread

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You can find these items within the chapter “Spezielle Prismen/Anwendungen” in our complete catalogue.

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