Special tools are required when measuring the length and dimensions of buildings, offset points, object points on facades or generally wall surfaces. Not all tasks can be solved without reflector. We offer practical helpers, which have been developed in action in the field.

precision prism PP 17.5

  • accurate measurement of object points on facades
  • waterproof and impact resistant high performance prism
  • hardened, wear-resistant tip
  • plastic cap, for better sighting & protection of prism

SBF flexible angle holder

  • direct measurement of constructive edge in concrete components with a bevel > 20 mm
  • angle bracket adapts to the angle of the component by hinge joint
  • screw-in prism can be flexibly rotated in all directions after application
  • application-example: positioning and controlling of concrete elements

flexible prism swan neck

  • direct measurement of points on the wall surface and inner and outer corners/edges
  • swan neck to reach unfavorably located points
  • tight hold with non-slip grip
  • add common prism pole by 5/8″ threas as a extension

offset measurement of building corners

  • for the tachymetric survey of building points
  • different offset distances possible
  • flexible aligning of the prism around the standing axis
  • to use with common prisms

distance measurements with KiLas-Geo

  • universal holder for distance measurement for standard tasks::
    –  determination of eccentric points
    – building lengths
    – span dimension between two ground points
  • one holder for several applications
  • fitting for many laser distance meters (Disto)

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