A common task for surveying engineers: Measurements regarding batter boards. Our products have been known to help workers down in the pit, since 1985. The manual prism holder was the first – soon to be joined by the patented pendulum holder and nail holder HIT. Big advantage of pendulum and nail holder: They can be operated single-handed.

manual prism holder

made for use with a surveying assistant

  • interchangeable marking spike
  • cardanically mounted prism thread
  • two circular levels for accurate surveying of the nail
  • compact and light-weight design

nail holder HIT

Nailed it!

  • also for batter boards with narrow or none room towards the ground
  • possibility to use setup single-handed
  • holder forms a unit with nail
  • no double-check necessary
  • circular level for a plumb setup

pendulum holder

for prisms with Leica connection or 5/8″ thread

  • for batter boards with sufficient room towards the ground
  • possibility to use the setup single-handed
  • uncertainties by manual hold are avoided
  • plumb placement automatically
  • use of common prisms is possible
  • top spike can also be used separatley with a prism

surveying instrument holder

total station & leveler mount for batter boards

  • for mounting of surveying instruments on (batter) boards
  • automatic centering on hammered in axis-nail
  • easy to set up
  • setup without nail also possible

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You can find these items within the chapter “Spezielle Prismen/Anwendungen” in our complete catalogue.

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