The use of prisms is essential for the tachymetric monitoring of structures. In order to achieve the highest precision in visual and automatic targeting, the monitoring prism must be mounted in its center-symmetrical point. Our monitoring system offers a variety of different prisms. They allow to observe a wide range of measuring points on the object to be monitored, economically and very precisely, according to very diverse requirements.

Our equipment/monitoring prism has been or is being used for monitoring of: tunneling, historical structures, dams, bridges and mining. The accessories for this type of surveying have been continuously extended over the last years, due to customer suggestions and new applications in the field. We are happy to assist you finding the right products for you.

Most used: Ball prism System

The monitoring ball prism system consists of a precisely manufactured steel ball with a triple prism of glass, which is very precisely positioned in the ball center. On the cylindrical ball base / nest with a conical top part, the ball prism comes to rest in a centered position and can be oriented in all directions in a range of more than 180°.
The steel ball is held by a permanent magnet integrated in the base. Application on vertical walls and overhead is possible. Depending on the application, the magnet is available with different magnetic forces. Also a non-magnetic version is available.

Features of the Monitoring System

  • choose between ball diameter Ø 30 mm or 1.5″ (SMR)
  • ball prism available with two different prism constants
  • base, ball prism or centering all also available in stainless steel designs
  • prism center located with accuarcy of ± 0.2 mm
  • rugged and water proof

More information

Chapter “Monitoring” can be found in our online complete catalogue.

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Fields of application

Monitoring of Dams and Locks

The non-destructive application of monitoring points is achieved by using special mounting adhesives.

Rail / Track Monitoring

Monitoring points can be put directly onto the rails or on the masts to the side of the track.

Monitoring of Structures / Buildings

A common way to use our monitoring equipment: Use regular wall surveying bolts (M8) and magnetic nests with threads for attachment of ball prism.

Monitoring of protected Buildings

It’s not always possible to put bore holes into buildings, since they are protected. Therefore we recommend putting up the points with adhesive.

Our Monitoring Systems

Monitoring: Magnetic Ball Prism System

  • Two sizes of balls: Ø30 mm and Ø1.5″ mm (SMR)
  • Two prism constants: -11,3 mm and -16,9 mm
  • Two ball materials: Galvanized steel & stainless steel
  • Option: Balls with reflective foil instead of prism
  • Helpful equipment: Magnetic bases, centering places, etc.

Monitoring: L-Carrier / L-Prism / L-Holder

  • Available with five prism constants
  • Connections: Leica-bolt or M8 screw
  • Sturdy aluminium design
  • Option: L-Carrier with reflective foil

Monitoring: Sturdy / weatherproof System MoniPro

  • Prism in U-Frame or closed frame
  • Prism constant: -16,9 mm (Leica: +17,5 mm)
  • Sturdy aluminium design
  • To screw or glue onto structure / object

Monitoring: Prisms vertically above M8-bolts

  • Adapters for all prism types
  • With circular level to mount perpendicular
  • To screw into M8 wall bolts

Monitoring: Twin-Systems

  • Use two prisms two monitor one survey point
  • Measure one survey point with two or more total stations
  • Various prism constants
  • To screw into M8 wall bolts

Monitoring: Cylinder prism on L-carrier

  • Cylinder prism can be put onto holder for measurement and afterwards be removed again
  • L-Carrier can be nailed, screwed or glued onto object
  • Prism can be aligned in all directions, when mounting the L-holder