Objects can be captured with the laser scanner from different standpoints. If your registration is not based exclusively on the measured data, we offer scan targets. Apart from laser scanning spheres we also offer rectangular and circular targets in different sizes, on request also with integrated prism. It is important for us to be able to place the target characters anywhere, quickly and securely.

Choose accessories

Depending on practical requirements, the spheres or targets may have to be mounted differently:

  • mounting with thread adapter: 5/8″, M8, 1/4″, 3/8″
  • mounting with magnets on cars or steel surfaces
  • mounting with suction holder on smooth surfaces
  • mounting on stable stand
  • mounting with magnetic quick change system

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Exemplary laser scanning products

Common laser scanning sphere

  • for point registration and georeferencing
  • to be used as a pass point, control point, link point
  • plastic, white mat lacquered
  • Ø145 mm, with M8 female thread
  • various accessories for mounting available

Circular targets – various design options

  • for point restratrion and georeferencing
  • mounting with hemispherical magnetic quick change system
  • high (repeatable) accuracies with forced centering
  • combine with ball prism. Easy exchange with magnetic nests
  • offsets 100 mm and 196 mm easy to achieve
  • various designs (also custom designs possible)