The “Vektor” system is used for the measurement of hidden points. For example deep shaft / sewer points such as pipes, inlets and outlets. We have offered the first sewer pole system, which was not made of aluminum but made of the modern fiber composite CFK and GRP.

Handy & light-weight

The main piece of the prism pole system “Vektor” forms the base with two synchronously tiltable prisms, which are available in four different prism constants. The base has a 5/8″ female thread at the top, a 5/8″ male thread or a bolt connection at the bottom.
The base is then brought to the required length by adding extension segments. The hardened tip at the lower end of the system ensures a durable low-wear use. Due to the material of CRP or CRP / GRP blends, the “Vektor” pole is very light, corrosion-resistant, can not be permanently deformed and has a high bending stiffness.

Special accessories, such as transport bags, circular levels and tripods make handling even more easy.

More Information

You will find everyting regarding sewer / pipe surveying in our chapter “System Vektor” in our complete catalogue.

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Measuring of inlet-Ø and outlet-Ø

Accessories for special tasks

The determination of the position and height of supply-pipes, outlets and inlets in shafts is made possible by the use of eccentrics (offsets) and measuring brackets. That way measuring diameters can also be done without actually getting into the shaft.