You want to get to a certain tilting axis height or you want to be able to connect a prism with Leica adapter to a 5/8″-thread GNSS pole? In our sortiment you will find various adapters with the possibility of custom lengths.
Regarding to it’s total length, the adapter can or will be made of aluminium, stainless steel or carbon mix. Over the span of three decades dozens of common adapters have made it to our stock.
It still happens, that customers need a specially designed adapter. We’ll try to help:


Extensions made of anodized aluminium for adjustment of tilting axis heights on tribrachs.

Extensions made of a carbon composite mix for adjustment of heights on prism poles.

Common adapter to change between Zeiss to Leica systems (5/8″ thread to Leica bolt).

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You can find these items under the chapter “Adapter & Verlängerungen” in our complete catalogue.

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