Next to our monitoring nests we also developed stainless steel bases for industrial 3D measurements. Different designs help survey corners, edges and bore holes very accurately. With special base Kontur (contour) it’s possible to determine points on curved edges or moving directly along a certain curve. Most bases are available with two different magnetic strenghts. With lower magnetic strength, it’s possible to mount/take off bases very easily or even to move along a magnetic surface. Higher magnetic strength asure a safe mounting, without having to be around the setup at all. Mounting overhead is possible.

Product video for magnetic base Kontur (for edges and curves):

Build your setup

Stainless steel bases work with:

  • bohnenstingl ball prism 1.5″or other SMRs
  • standard stainless steel base can be used with centering plate 6009
  • protective case for safe transport

More information

You can find chapter “Kugelbasen – Industrielle 3D-Messung” in our complete catalogue under “C”.

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edges, corners, bore holes

base for surveying of curved edges

base for surveying of inner corners

  • available with two magnetic forces
  • for ball prisms 1.5″

base for surveying of outer corners

  • available with two magnetic forces
  • for ball prism 1.5″

base for surveying of edges

  • available with two magnetic forces
  • for ball prisms 1.5″

bases for surveying of bore holes and threads

  • bore holes: Ø 6 mm, Ø 8 mm, Ø 10 mm, Ø 12 mm
  • female thread: M8
  • for ball prisms 1.5″