Bohnenstingl GmbH


Since 1984, the company Bohnenstingl has worked on the development,  production and sales of special surveying accessories. The center of our work is the endeavour to develop accessories for geometers and surveying engineers which facilitates the work in the field and makes it more reliable. Our attention is also directed on increasing the economy and the efficiency. As our products often result from a special problem, we have put already in 1984 the word “Special” in our company name in front of “Surveying Accessories”.

Like this, we try to resolve problems, which appear during the local surveying, not by temporary arrangements but by creating a mature product. If we then come to the conclusion that it could be interesting for other geometers, we produce a small series and add it to our assortment.

Our products are mainly developed according to ideas and requests of the Engineering and Surveying office – with the same name “Bohnenstingl” – and to requests and desires from our customers.

One example for consequent product development is the prism constant. The knowledge of its correct size is important for the daily work with electronic total stations/EDMs. To avoid errors, we produce systems with special glass bodies which allow to the user to insert also miniature prisms without the necessity to change the prism constant. Also they have to meet the qualitative and technical requirements to enable high measuring accuracy.
As the coherence of the prism constant often leads to an uncertainty at the user’s side, we have taken up this subject early. Our product catalogue contains a discourse on the different definitions of the prism constants. Further to this, it contains an actual table indicating the major regular prisms with their constants. The necessary set-ups at the total station/EDM  have been compared depending on the system.

Since 1989 we participate in the annually held exhibition INTERGEO. On this event – which takes place in autumn every year – we regularly present our newest developments.