System Klimax has been developed in regards of various customer requests: A quick and economical way to stake out and measure ground points. A compact build, with the ball prism near to the ground, measuring errors are minimized.
A Klimax-System is set up with three components:
• triangle frame Standard or Plus (for measurements on surfaces with an angle)
• a stainless steel base – each for a different application (see below)
• ball prism 1.5″ (we offer two prism constants)

With our new magnetic bases and a screw to fix the base and ball safley onto the triangle, measurements on walls and ceilings are also possible.

Choose your setup

Since you can combine triangles, stainless steel bases and ball prism, as you like, you have to choose your own setup, for the operation you are dealing with.
Here a few points you should think about:

How to choose the right combination:

  • with which prism constant do you want to work with?
  • is a slightly aligned ground relevant for the measurement?
  • do you just want to check already existing points or do you want to mark new ones?
  • do you want to work with a marker with a small tip or with a big tip?
  • do you also want to measure points on the wall and ceiling?
  • do you want to mark points on metal?

More information

You will find System Klimax in our complete catalogue within chapter C.

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Different nests- Different applications

base/nest A and AM

  • for ball prisms 1.5″
  • to check and mark points on the ground
  • marking of points with pens with small tip with milled template (crosshairs and centered point)
  • also available with integrated magent (two magnetic forces) to use system on wall or on ceilings

base/nest B

  • for ball prisms 1.5″
  • to check and measurement of points
  • stainless steel frame & and crosshairs made of see-through plastic

base/nest C and CM

  • for ball prisms 1.5″
  • stainless steel base for insert of centering pin
  • available with two magnetic forces and without magnet
  • to use with hammer and pointed punch

base/nest P and PM

  • for ball prisms 1.5″
  • stainless steel base with conical centered bore hole
  • to mark points with pens with big tips
  • recommended for rough surfaces
  • available with and without magnet

pointed punch and centering insert

  • to use with bases C and CM
  • hardend steel tip to centrepunch on metal surfaces with a hammer